The team vault for all your passwords, keys and certificates. The most secure way to store and share all your organisation's secrets.

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Encrypxon is different from other secrets managers...

Built for Teams and DevOps

It works with the tools your team uses all the time: browser, email, chat, terminal.

Secure by Design

All data is encrypted in your browser. Nothing secure ever goes over the wire in plain.

Mobile App

Use your phone as a key vault. Securely send your decryption key to any web browser you authorise.

Proprietary Code

None of our code is open source or public. Making code available makes it easier to penetrate.


Get reminders when you need to change your passwords or renew your certificates.


Share your secrets with your team. Only the person you share with can read what you share.

Looking for details of our 2FA solution?

Use Encrypxon's 2FA solution for your customers and give them the added benefit of free access to the Encrypxon password vault

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